Margaretta Colangelo


  • Guguloth Srinivas

    Guguloth Srinivas

  • Efi Pylarinou

    Efi Pylarinou

    β„–1 Finance Global Woman Influencer by Refinitiv 2020 & 2019. Fintech & Blockchain Advisor: 30yrs FINANCE; #fintech #blockchain

  • Oleksandr Zarnytskyi

    Oleksandr Zarnytskyi

    Ecosystem early adapter, visionary, BigData πŸ’š Decentralized economy, CBDC

  • Lachlan Soper

    Lachlan Soper

    Lachlan Soper is a general pracitioner working in the Mosman, Sydney, Australia area. Avid cyclist and loving father. Read more at

  • Arnab Dey

    Arnab Dey

    Ambassador, Engineer, Developer, Motivator

  • Callen Ryder

    Callen Ryder

  • Marcel Moosbrugger

    Marcel Moosbrugger

    I am a Ph.D. researcher, enjoying explaining complex things in simple terms || || Follow for more:

  • Brian R. Robinson

    Brian R. Robinson

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