Margaretta Colangelo

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  • Adam Fisher

    Adam Fisher

    Israel-based partner at BVP (; Dual American-Israeli citizen

  • Angela Wilkins

    Angela Wilkins

    I like science, machine learning, technology, and start-ups.

  • Russ Fein

    Russ Fein

    Venture investor with focus on quantum computing and deep interests in life sciences, food allergy and SaaS. @russfein

  • Alexandre Gonfalonieri

    Alexandre Gonfalonieri

    AI Consultant — Working on Brain-computer interface and new AI business models — Support my writing:

  • BioStrand


    Software and proprietary solutions for MULTI-omics data analysis. Effective research requires convenient and scalable tools.

  • Oğuz AYDIN

    Oğuz AYDIN

    Mathematics student at Galatasaray University in İstanbul.

  • Crowd Funded Cures

    Crowd Funded Cures

    Our non-profit’s mission is to use pay for success contracts / retroactive public goods funding to repurpose off-patent medicines

  • Paolo Cuomo

    Paolo Cuomo

    Check out my ebook — so proud to have finally published it:

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