Highlights From COVID-19 Research Published in September 2020

What to Expect from First-Generation COVID-19 Vaccines

First Clear Evidence That COVID Attacks Brain Cells

Supercomputer Analyzes 2.5 Billion Genetic COVID Combos

High-Powered Microscopic Images Show Very High Viral Loads

Viral Genetic Sequencing Traces SARS-CoV-2 Into US & Europe

6 Key Questions About Reinfection and Long-Term Immunity

Biological Insights: Increased Incidence of COVID in Ethnic Groups

How COVID-19 Can Damage the Heart

Transmission of COVID Infection During an International Flight

Superspreader Events Might Be a Typical Feature of COVID

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

$5 Rapid Antigen Tests for COVID That Give Results in Minutes

Complications after COVID Similar to Surviving Ebola

Systematic Review and Analysis of Drug Treatments for COVID

COVID Can Cause Heart Damage Even After Mild Symptoms

Important Comprehensive T-cell Mapping Study

Wedding Infected Over 270 People and Killed 8 People

Update on the COVID-19 Vaccine Race

Processes Required to Develop a COVID Vaccine for Humans

The Value of an International Randomized Controlled Trials

COVID-19 What’s Important To Know with Margaretta Colangelo



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