Why Small Data is Essential for Advancing AI

Small data turns big data into a tool, and takes over the main role of defining the specifics of an AI system.

With big data you can afford to have noise that you filter out. With small data everything is meaningful.

AI That Relies on Small Data Exclusively to Provide Unprecedented Personalization

Any product or service optimized for individual humans must work with small data. Who wants to be treated like an average person or a cluster of people?

AI Kindergarden: learning form small data

Using Big Data to Train AI to Subsequently Learn Exclusively From Small Data

Humans only learn from small data. For a human, it is sufficient to see one car in order to recognize all cars afterwards. Humans do not need millions of examples of cars in order to reliably recognize cars.

Small data is human-centric. Specialized knowledge for human learning is in human DNA.

How do we make machines that can learn from small data, and how can we make DL that learns from a small number of data points and still extracts all the necessary non-linearities?





Co-founder Jthereum www.margaretta.com

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Margaretta Colangelo

Margaretta Colangelo

Co-founder Jthereum www.margaretta.com

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